AT&T U-verse Coupon Code 2014

AT&T Has always been known for its exceptional telecommunications services. Many have enjoyed the clarity and reliability of their cell phone services. They now have what is referred to as their UVerse. This is a package of services that offers the same reliability and clarity of their cell phone services, but it now includes home phone, TV and internet as well.

AT&T U-Verse Coupon Codes

  1. RECOMMENDEDGet U-family TV + Total Home DVR included for life for only $29 per month for 6 months! Also receive a $50 promotion card! Add HBO/Cinemax and get it free for 3 months!
  2. Get U-verse Triple Play (TV, Internet and Voice 200) for only $89 per month! Also receive a $50 promotion card!
  3. Get U-verse Triple Play (TV, Internet Pro, and Voice 200) and receive a $300 promotion card!
  4.  Get  U-verse High Speed Internet for $19.95 or only $14.95 when bundled with a home phone!
  5. Get U-family TV + Internet Elite for only $59 per month. Also receive a $50 promotion card!
  6. Get U-verse TV + Internet and receive a $200 promotion card!
  7. Get Max Plus with U-basic TV and HBO included and a year of Amazon Prime for $39 per month for 12 months with term!
  8. See all the deals!

Many a consumer will talk of their bad experiences with companies that bundle their tv, phone, and internet. It always seems that the companies that do this can provide one or two of the services in an exemplary manner, but not all of them. This leads customers to be upset and to discontinue their services. This is not so with AT & T. They have spent the time to make sure that every consumer is a happy consumer, and do everything that they can to rectify any issues with the service. Their tv services include a whole home DVR. This service lets consumers record up to 4 shows at once. What’s best is that one can watch their recordings in any room in their home! Their wireless receiver also allows users to move their service to any tv in their home. This coupled with over 170 channels available to watch, what could be better? Pay per view and on demand is also available with their service. Their wireless home phone service gives users convenience and affordability. Use up to three wireless handsets and be able to keep your old phone number. These plans can also be attached to your wireless number for when you leave your home. Always have the ability to answer your calls and take messages right from your home or cell phones. Their internet service offers fast, reliable service. They also include anti virus and firewall protection as well as parental controls. If wireless is important, they have wireless routers, as well as wireless home networking. Connect anytime you desire with access to the AT&T nationwide WiFi network all at no extra cost on your bill. Internet speeds that the consumer can choose from run from 3 Mbps to 24 Mbps. No matter what speed one chooses, they can lock their rate in for one year, and still get it cheaper than the other guys. Choosing to use the UVerse from AT&T simply makes sense when seeing the amount one can save on their bill every month. Whether choosing one service, or choosing to bundle two or more services, the consumer will not only be pleased with the service provided, they will also love the decrease in their bills. The key to higher savings is to bundle more. AT&T has become a leader in providing the services consumers need and want at an affordable price. They pride themselves on quality, clarity and reliability of those services. If seeking a company that takes customer service seriously and strives to make every customer a happy customer, then seriously consider the UVerse from AT&T. One will not displeased with either the quality of attention they get, or the price they are quoted.